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Tattoo Removal


Laser tattoo removal is a procedure that uses concentrated beams of light to break down the ink particles in a tattoo. The body's immune system then gradually removes these broken-down ink particles, fading the tattoo over multiple sessions. This is the quickest and most effective method of tattoo removal.

Why is removal needed for eyebrows before you can work over them? Your skin is like a sponge - it can only hold a certain amount of pigment at one time. Once the maximum amount of pigment is held in the skin, any new pigment deposited will initially look great - but once healed, the pigment will be pushed out leaving you with a unnoticeable difference.

So if you've had microblading or permanent cosmetics before that need correcting, lightening /removal may need to be completed first.




If you have had microblading or permanent make up done before, you may be eligible for a correction appointment. However, the previous pigment will need to be faded by at least 50% before you are considered for this treatment. Chloë will need to check the previous work before you will be able to book an appointment. Please send us a message and include several clear pictures of your eyebrows in good, clear daylight and with no make up on the eyebrow area at all.


If your brows are faded enough for cover up or correction work, we may be able to book you in. However, there are many factors involved in correcting someone else's work. We will need to assess the depth and colour of the previous pigment used, in addition to the shape and quality of the previous work. This requires extra skill and time during your appointment. These factors may affect your suitability for a correction appointment, although it is important to note that results can vary.

If the old pigment is not faded by 50%, laser tattoo removal may need to be considered


Laser Tattoo Removal targets tattoo ink with light energy in the form of a laser. The beam breaks down large particles of ink into smaller particles of ink, which are then cleared away through the body’s lymphatic system.

Complete tattoo removal is possible after several laser tattoo removal sessions however it is important to note that results vary based on tattoo pigment, depth, and skin type.

The number of sessions you will need depends on the size of the tattoo you want to remove, depth and saturation of the body ink or older eyebrow pigment.

For body tattoos, 6-8 sessions are normally recommended.

For facial tattoos (old microblading), 1-4 sessions are normally recommended. Please get in touch and we can recommend how many sessions may be suitable for you.

Please note- prior to / upon booking we will request photographs and a description of the area to be treated. We will then confirm which size and treatment cost is most appropriate.


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